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About Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc.

ZEISS Vision Care is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of eyeglass lenses and ophthalmic instruments.   ​We are located a short 20 minute drive south of Cincinnati and 10 minutes from the CVG airport. 

ZEISS Vision Care has released a drone video of the company’s new Customer Experience Center and laboratory at its headquarters here in KY,  offering eyecare professionals and others the opportunity to discover the first-of-its-kind facility from the comfort of their phone or PC.  The three-minute drone video “flies”  viewers through the Customer Experience Center and offers an acrobatic,  behind-the-scenes journey through Zeiss’  newest state-of-the-art lab,  with no visual breaks in the action.  The video starts with showing a customer entering the store for an eye exam,  then illustrating how lenses are created,  packed and shipped. 

Zeiss is also offering a separate,  360-degree virtual tour of the Hebron facility.  The virtual tour gives guests a glimpse into the past,  present and future of the Zeiss’  optical lens innovations.  Website visitors can use their mouse or keyboard to navigate through the browser-based experience,  clicking on different “hot spots”  to learn more about the various components of the facility.

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