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MyCareerE3 exists to build a bridge between employers and tomorrow's workforce.

Established by a collective group of GROW NKY partners in 2020, the platform connects regional students to valuable career experience opportunities while simultaneously providing employers better access to the talent needed for tomorrow's workforce.

GROWING REGIONAL OUTCOMES THROUGH WORKFORCE (GROW NKY) is a strategic workforce collective comprised of leaders across key industries, educational institutions and community organizations working collaboratively to leverage the region's assets to grow, attract and retain a globally competitive workforce.

A skilled workforce has long been identified as a primary need for regional employers with many organizations struggling to attract and retain the talent they need.

MyCareerE3 addresses workforce needs by providing an easy way for students to connect with valuable work-based learning experiences close to home. These experiences give young people a connection to employers and careers, while supplying a talent pipeline to support regional growth.

Key partner organizations instrumental in creating MyCareerE3, include: