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Work-based learning lets your students explore and experience the world of work and put their knowledge to work.

This early job experience helps students build confidence as they transition into the working world. MyCareerE3 makes it easy for educators to help talented students find great work-based learning opportunities.

Sign up today to learn about the opportunities available across Kentucky and Ohio and encourage your students to create profiles on MyCareerE3 so that they can connect with employers that are offering experiences that are of interest to them.

Still on the fence? Here are three great reasons for educators to register for MyCareerE3 right now:

  • Help your students get a jumpstart on life after high school by connecting them with work-based learning opportunities.
  • Discover what employers are looking for so you can help your students gain marketable skills.
  • Students may be eligible to earn high-school credit while completing these work-based learning experiences.

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