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Category: Health Science

Type: Video Webinar

Location: Virtual

Starts: Aug. 30, 2021



Judge/Executive Kris Knochelmann interviewed Dr.  Chaitanya Mandapakala,  a pulmonologist,  intensivist (intense care physician),  Medical Director of Chronic Lung Diseases,  and principal investigator for COVID-19 medications for St.  Elizabeth Physicians,  about the current status of COVID-19 in Northern Kentucky. 


Here’s the link to that 37+  minute interview covering a lot of material on the subject:


“What I can tell people,  from what I’ve seen in our own organization,  is you walk through the ICU and you practically see all the sick ones being unvaccinated and you see people who have very poor immunity where it’s not a surprise that the vaccine didn’t hold well,  so in those people the booster probably will help more.  And when we see that,  as a common standard thing,  it’s very difficult for me not to recommend the vaccine because I’m really hopeful that something can be done to prevent them from coming to the hospital.”  –  Dr.  Chaitanya Mandapakala


Hopefully the information Dr.  Mandapakala provides will help answer any questions you might have about the current COVID-19 situation in Northern Kentucky. 


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