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Category: Manufacturing

Type: Pre Apprenticeship Apprenticeship

Location: In-Person in Erlanger

Starts: Aug. 10, 2023

Age Requirement: 18 and Up

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


Steinkamp new applicants for its CNC Machinist Apprenticeship program.  Applicants will learn how to program and run CNC machines at Gateway’s Associates program and in our shop.  The degree is 100%  paid by Steinkamp and apprentices will be paid for their time in class.  Apprentices make their own schedule and will balance out their time in shop and their time in class to equal out to full-time schedule.


Class participation and hours in shop. 


Apply in March of each year!!

Qualifications / Career Path

An Associate Degree -  Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT)

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