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Category: Architecture and Construction

Type: Pre Apprenticeship Apprenticeship

Location: In-Person in Cincinnati, OH

Starts: Mar. 6, 2023

Age Requirement: 18 and Up

$ Paid
 Full Time
 Part Time


HVAC Sheet Metal Worker-Apprentice

-4 Year Work/Study Program (Full-Time Employment)

-COMPANY FUNDED Tuition,  Books,  &  Materials

-Earn While You Learn*

-Scheduled Raises

-Classes after work 2 Nights Per Week (Fall &  Winter-Sept.-April)

-CASH BONUS-Paid Upon Completion

-Certificate Issued By Ohio State Apprenticeship Council (OSAC)

-Cerificate Recognized By US DOL-Nationally Valid


Apprentices Will Work With Journeymen To Learn To:

-Read and Interpret Construction Drawings/Blueprints

-Use Hand Tools,  Power Tools,  and Machinery (Shear,  Brake,  Press,  Rollers,  etc.)

-Plan,  Lay-out,  Fabricate,  and Assemble Sheet Metal Parts and Products

-Install and Repair Sheet Metal Parts,  Equipment,  and Products

-Trim,  File,  Debur,  Buff,  and Smooth Surfaces Usinf Hand/Power Tools

-Weld,  Bolt,  or Screw Component Parts to Assembled Finished Product

-Install Assemblies According to Drawings/Blueprints

-Potentially*  Operate Computer-Aided Drafting Equipment

Qualifications / Career Path

Individuals interested in a career as a Sheet Metal Apprentice must possess basic math skills regarding addition,  subtraction,  and measurements.

Basic reasoning/mechanical knowledge is helpful (ex:  how bicycle pedals works,  how a lever works,  and other system concepts,  etc). 

Parking Information

Parking varies based on job site location*

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